Why Choose Custom CMS Development Rather Than The Common Open-Source Ones

The old-age conundrum of old, dull websites is finally over. Because of cms customization, you can freely design your business’s website in your own way. If you want to make it classy and exquisite, you can change it. If you opt for a darker, more mysterious look, go ahead. But it won’t happen without your ability to figure out what custom CMS development is all about. It’s not a simple install with one click and tada! Your website is done. No, it’s entirely a different thing. Back to CMS; there are a lot of benefits of using a content management system, not only can it save your time scratching your head to figure out how you’re going to open and operate your website, but it is often easy to manage as long as you and your team of developers know how to write the code as perfect as possible.


When it comes to customizing your website with CMS, the path to take in is not simple. You may opt to choose the easy way out – feasibly install an open-source platform. Or you can just impress your future clients by creating your own custom CMS development platform with the help of your team of cms developers and programmers! That is if you don’t have a strong background in different programming languages such as MySQL, PHP, Javascript, etc.

Bear in mind that setting up a custom CMS development website is not child’s play. You need to make sure your website is stable; packed with tight security measures that can protect your website’s data in or out of the website. You have the option to hire cms developers or webmasters for your website too; as using an open-source platform is very different when it comes to optimizing your website with your own platform. Make sure they’re reliable and efficient workers, though. But even though there are drawbacks, there are some notable advantages. Obviously, open-source platforms are free so there’s a chance that they can’t actually redefine your website through your own words. It means that it can’t even fulfill the needs of your company. That’s why setting up your own website is a good way to differentiate yourself and your brand from the others.

All-in-all, it depends on your perspective and the purpose of your website. If you just want to set-up your own website without any problems; try open-source platforms like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. But if you’re a curious developer and you want your brand to be different from anyone else; try cms customization. Bear in mind that it doesn’t matter; as long as you can fully optimize your website and social media engine ranking; your business (which is the most vital part) will be relevant and successful. You’ll be a legend.

2 thoughts on “Why Choose Custom CMS Development Rather Than The Common Open-Source Ones

  1. Why on earth would anyone write their own custom CMS these days? You can choose from many different options, any of which can accomplish any task and allow you to build your website in any way you want. The look and feel of your site is completely independant of which CMS you choose to build with. By choosing an existing software supported by a corporation or an open source developer community, you get free security updates and the piece of mind that comes with a mature codebase used by thousands of developers, worldwide.

    The author here seems to think that using a CMS framework somehow holds back content managers from creating content how they want. This just is simply not true. If built robustly, any CMS framework can accomplish any content strategy, or even pivot to a new content strategy.

    I came to this article to find out why custom code is better than existing, supported code and was sadly disappointed.

  2. I have to agree that one can grow as a developer by taking the dive into making their own CMS, but I’ve run into issues though trying to get clients and employers on board with it.

    Lately, it seems job ads are more pushing for those who know WordPress, Drupal, and/or Joomla, and seemingly shy away from those who make their own systems…mainly worried about being trapped in someone’s proprietary system.

    However, I have lately seen many smaller “mom and pop” businesses want a custom solution mainly so it’s easy and clear for them when they want to edit/update content.

    I know I did a custom CMS for a bit, but am moving over to Drupal due to requests by clients/employers to use a noted open source platform. I will say my past experiences did make it much easier for me to customize and tweak the third-party CMS to do what I want. Anyone can just install and put in a pre-made theme, but I try to push that I can customize.

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