What to Consider When You Choose a PHP Framework

Web design has become a more and more popular domain over the years, offering multiple possibilities, especially since the Internet development has reached an unprecedented level. One of the applications allowing web programmers to obtain better and faster results is represented by web frameworks, whose popularity was influenced in a positive way by Ruby on Rails and by PHP development. But we are not going to talk here about Ruby on Rails, what we want to share with you are a few pieces of advice for PHP developers.  Their main concern is what PHP framework to choose for completing their future applications, and in order to make a good choice they need to take into consideration a few factors. You need to compare the best known frameworks and make a choice after you make a very clear idea of the purpose of the application, of the hosting environment, and of the good and the bad qualities of the developer programming the application.

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Cake PHP

Cake PHP is suitable for PH4 compatible codes. It has received many positive reviews from programmers over the time. It is a relatively easy way to follow because you will enjoy lost of useful information from support groups and IRC, but you will not master all its secrets in short time. It is well planed and this also implies it is rather strict and not leaving you a very large freedom of movement.

 Zend Framework

We wouldn’t recommend this PHP framework to a beginner and for small projects. It is rather suitable for applications used in the corporate environment and for large projects. The advantages of the Zend Framework are its modular structure, which means you can use the necessary amount of code, not more or less, and the strong community and support you will enjoy once you decide to become a professional Zend user.


This is widely known as a beginners’ PH5.2+MVC framework, but also as a strong and adaptable framework, backed by plentiful documentation. It is easy to understand and you can learn in very fast if you are interested in developing content sites and average-size application.


The best pro argument for choosing an older framework is it has stood the test of time and there already is a lot of documentation to help users. Simfony has been and continues to be used to design web applications for enterprises. Other advantages would be the small footprint and its adaptability regarding different hosting environments. Fast development of your code will be ensured by the command line generators and by the automatic tool for code creation.


Kohana has originated from CodeIgniter, having the same applicability and attributes as its “parent”, but there are also some differences. It needs PHP 5.3, it has some more options than CodeIgniter, and implementation of features is more efficient. Support is available, too.


Yii is a very complex framework, not for a beginner PHP developer.  This PHP5 framework could make you feel a little lost between options such as command line generators, multiple commands you need to learn, templating, themes, widgets, and web service integration. It is fast and it works a lot at the command line level, and this is why more experienced PHP development specialist will find it excellent.

After documenting more on these frameworks, we recommend you to re-evaluate your needs, your strengths and weaknesses and your choice and the outcome of your work should be favorable.

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