Web Design and Web Development Companies Respond to the Challenges of Post-Lockdown in India

The world has been fighting the coronavirus for over nine months with no solution anywhere close as yet. COVID-19 has paralyzed the world economy and shut many successful businesses. The number of lives lost, the pace at which it is spreading prompted the governments to declare complete lockdown. Like every other business, Web development services companies instantly felt the pressure since clients deferred their plans.

Work from home (WFH) arrangement for the employees became a practice, but there was a dip in the sales. People were in no mood to go in for big purchases and were happier staying at home. Businesses moved to the digital platform, and with the rise in online sales, opportunities opened up for the tech companies.

The recent changes

The tremendous development in technology the world has been witnessing the past few decades is coming of use now. The need for remote collaboration has given a boost to the website application development companies.

1)  Remote employment

Although the lockdown restrictions are relaxed, workers are reluctant about returning to the office. The WFH concept is likely to be permanent for many of the workforces. The companies, during the lockdown period, underwent extensive trials on remote engagement.

To support their remote staff, companies invested in building the required infrastructure.  Workers learned how to use distant collaboration tools and had to deal with the other challenges of WFH.

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2) Leveraging online video conferencing

A large proportion of the workforce in India continues to work remotely. Video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Cisco WebEx, or similar are now their daily routine.

3) Track employee output

Before the pandemic, a company measured employee productivity by the number of hours they put each day. In the remote environment, employers use tools like TeamViewer, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Jira to track daily progress. It is possible to measure the time taken by employees to complete a task. Using the tools, companies can track the turnaround time and evaluate how to achieve better productivity.

4) Contactless controls

Some organizations cannot operate remotely, requiring physical presence. Such companies need stringent entrance control and checks for both visitors and employees. AI-based contactless visitor management is one way of managing the entrance. The other mandatory norms of physical distancing, masks, and sanitizers, etc. can be made aware through innovative graphics design.

Digital presence is obligatory

Before COVID-19, many companies did not feel the need for a website. However, nowadays, survival in the industry without a website is not possible.  People are ordering groceries and other requirements using their digital gadgets.

Companies who are building a new website or those updating an existing one should consider custom web design and development services. Using professional services will ensure getting a neat and efficient website. The site has many requirements, such as security, speed, uptime, mobile capability, and more.

The services that a business needs include

Web design and development:  The users judge the website by its design and layout. If it is attractive, they stay, or they move away, clicking the backspace button. The web page showcases a business’s values and offerings. Hence, it should navigate easily for users to find the services they seek.

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SEO:  Besides the look and feel, a website requires search engine optimization(SEO). Without SEO, users will not find the website. SEO deciphers a website content to the search engine bots who present it to the users searching for such matters.

Branding and graphic design: Another essential segment is creating a brand identity. Graphic designers and logo designers are necessary for brand awareness and consistency.

Copywriting: Compelling messages in tune with the company’s objectives is essential for the audience to understand its offering.

Bottom line:

Small retail businesses, malls, and supermarkets as well, are experiencing a drop in sales as people prefer to buy online. By staying at home, they are avoiding crowded market places and physical contact.  The eCommerce web development company can help build an online store through CMS platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and similar.

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