Top 12 CMS development software tools

Website design has become an increasingly complex task in a very short time, but helping tools have been developed too, and CMS developers have been able to keep up with this web explosion. Hand coding remains a must for an expert web designer, but you shouldn’t neglect automated tools either because they will make your work easier.

CMS development

CMS or content management system is a software program which allows you to edit contents and to control them from a central station. CMS development has had a great impact on web applications and has made it possible to coordinate a large number of HTML files and to create or modify such material. Web material managed through these programs is usually represented by news, blogs and shopping sites. So CMS are actually necessary to put information on websites. We are further going to enumerate the 12 best CMS; some are very familiar while others are less popular but still functional and appreciated by experts.


WordPress is a blogging tools based on PHP and MySQL, featuring plug-in architecture and templates. Almost 20% of the bloggers rely on this CMS because of its great capabilities and its focus on aesthetics.


Joomla is also an open-source CMS used for publishing content. It allows you to build web sites and applications.  It is widely appreciated and has attracted millions of users because it is easy to handle.


Drupal is the framework helping to develop at least 2% of all the web sites in the world. It is used to build blogs as well as corporate and Government web sites. It does not require programming skills.


Also a free open source CMS, SilverStripe allows you to set up and maintain your web sites and offers you a WYSI/WYG website editor.


This software tool for building web sites is very easy to install and helps you deliver SEO friendly HTML codes. Another beginner’s CMS, still highly functional.

Frog CMS

Frog is another simplifying CMS and it has detached from a Ruby on Rails application, Radiant CMS. It uses PHP and it grants the tools needed to manage files.


There are more than 100,000 sites built on MODx and this number is going to rise even more. The CMS developers behind MODx claim it delivers pixel perfection, different styles, it allows you to unleash your creativity, it is intuitive and fast, it runs on different operating systems and the contents it manages can be viewed from different devices.


TYPOlight is based on Ajax and Web 2.0 and helps you manage in a professional manner your web contents. You can try it online before installing it and see how it enables you to enjoy high security and build SEO friendly web sites at the same time.


This CMS claims to have helped build more sites than their three nearest competitors and attracts user with a highly helpful community and support.


ExpressionEngine praises itself for letting users to build whatever they imagine, without imposing predetermined templates. It is easy to customize your web contents and it has lots of features to impress you with.

Radiant CMS

It is dedicated to small teams and it provides malleable templates.


This CMS targets different categories of users: developers, agencies, designers and almost everyone else interested in web designing.  Just enjoy this open source CMS and build a web site which represents you.

If you are not satisfied with any of these CMS, you should know that using PHP you can create your own CMS. Virtually, almost anything is possible in CMS development today.

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