Prestashop or Magento: Make a Wise Choice

PrestaShop and Magento are two open-source and large-scale eCommerce platforms. They provide the best possible solutions for the store. Now it is up to the store owner to make a choice between the PrestaShop and Magento, depending upon the suitability and requirements of the store. Keeping in view the unique requirements of the store users, both PrestaShop and Magento are well-equipped with the user-friendly features. All these features are capable of fulfilling the particular needs of the customers.

Following is the comparison between PrestaShop and Magento in order to help the store owners make a correct choice for their store:

1.Compatibility: The PrestaShop has quite simple system requirements and features so its installation is easier as compared to Magento. There are no major compatibility issues with PrestaShop as that of Magento.

2.Installation: The past experience of different experts and users of eCommerce solutions reveals that due to the simpler system requirements and attributes, the installation of PrestaShop is much easier but it restricts some essential features as compared to Magento.

The PrestaShop provides its users with the facility of simple customization but with limited options as compared to Magento. As far as customization is concerned, Magento is considered to be the best choice due to its unlimited applications and options.

4.Themes: Magento has an edge over PrestaShop as it offers its users a variety of different themes. Magento grabs the attention of the users by providing them an opportunity to choose from a huge list of unique, high quality and modern themes.

5.Search Box: The feature of Search Box is more powerful in PrestaShop as compared to the Magento. Since 2007, from its very beginning, PrestaShop has its high emphasis on the use of the Search Box. Magento is always reluctant and least interested in this feature. Because of this, PrestaShop is preferred over Magento for its powerful and unique search capabilities.

6.Customer support: Magento comes with more versatile applications and features for the customer support. Magento users prefer it over PrestaShop because of its unique feature of customer support that is available 24/7 to the users. Magento also allows its users to join an online community in order to share their experiences and enhance their activities. Both these features are not available in PrestaShop, making it less suitable for the customer support.

7.Suitability: Magento generally provides multiple eCommerce solutions to its users for the businesses of all types and sizes. Though, it is highly recommended and more suitable for large business entities. Magento is useful for all those large eCommerce stores where a large number of products and services are available for sale. In contrast, Prestashop is ideal for the businesses operating on small scale as it offers limited facilities to the users.

8.Software: The size of the PrestaShop software is smaller as compared to Magento. It is usually measured in the MBs so it offers only limited number of services and facilities to its users. Whereas, Magento has a large size and powerful software, capable enough to meet the unique needs of contemporary eCommerce stores by providing them with a large number of facilities and services.

9.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Feature: Search Engine Optimization is the major factor that makes a clear distinction between Magento and PrestaShop. Among all the eCommerce solutions, Magento has the most powerful SEO features. Because of this reason, Magento is preferred over other eCommerce platforms.

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