Magento, an open source ecommerce development platform, is filled with amazing features which is built on an open source technology. It provides online sellersremarkableflexibility and control over the look, content and functionality of their e-Commerce store. With PHP Freelance Developer as your partner, we can help you get a quality Magento development.

Magento also provides helpful marketing, catalog management and search engine optimization tools that offers highly customized e-commerce websites in accordance to every individual’s needs. With e-commerce being extremely useful for online businessmen, more and more people are actually encouraged to put their businesses online and enjoy the benefits that it offers.

Online business can actually be made even powerful using Magento e-commerce due to its wide range of features. Here are the major features you will be able to experience as soon as you decide to have Magento development:

  1. Pricing: Magento allows for a variety of promotional measures to increase the conversion rates. Coupled with Up-sells and Cross sells, Magento gives a high price to all your efforts.
  2. Social Shopping: Shopping made easy and interesting with its browsing options like reviews, group specific pricing, wish lists, eNewsletter, and many more
  3. Site Management: Manage multiple sites with single admin panel and share as much as you want.
  4. Shipping: Shipping to multiple addresses, multiple shipments per order, On-site order tracking and free shipping as well.
  5. Payment: Safe and secured payment options.
  6. mCommerce: automatically identifies the mobile browser and gives options suitable for mobile shopping

At PHP Freelance Developer, we can help you enjoy the features mentioned and maximize the fullest functionality of Magento. Contact us for more details about our Magento development solutions.